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Best things to do on the Dingle Peninsula during your Irish Tours

Best things to do on the Dingle Peninsula during your Irish Tours

During your tour of Ireland, you will see no other landscape with the density and the variety of archaeological monuments as with the Dingle Peninsula. The Atlantic Ocean combined with the lush vegetation has supported various tribes for almost 6000 years. If you combine this landscape with a picturesque little village you`ve got the winning recipe. No wonder that we stay in Dingle for tour nights during some of our Irish tours.  So, what can you expect during your stay, we have listed the five best things to do on this great little spot.

Get active and hiking during your Overland tour of Ireland

Hike Mount Brendon

In Gaelic, mount Brendon is also known as Cnoc Breanainn. St. Brendon was a navigator born near Tralee around 484 AD and he was the first European to discover America. This was around a 1000 years before Columbus.

This hike, steeped in mythology and Pagan history is a great and scenic hike. Mount Brendon measures 952 meters in height and this is a moderate to strenuous hike. None of our guests however, ever complained about the difficulty and on a clear day you rewarded with one of the best views of all our Irish Tours. You have the most magnificent views to the back whilst your hiking up. You can see the sleeping Giant, Skellig Michael and off course the flog of sheep getting smaller and smaller the more you walk up. Once you reach the top you get rewarded with even better views. You will see tiny mountain lakes and even further down the bay with Castlegrerory as the main town.

Seafood Wild Atlantic Way Adventure Tour

A bit of grub

Dingle has been named the foodie town of Ireland and for a good reason. The food is excellent and you have so much choice as well. This is important during our Irish tours as we need cater for all tastes, budgets and believes. All around the peninsula you will find the freshest seafood which was probably caught the same day that it was served on your plate. How good is that? One of our favourite restaurants is The Global Village and we should we would share our experience with you guys about the menu and the quality of the food. The menu is amazing but we would always recommend the tasting menu and pair this with the wines they selected. We started with a crisp Bantry Bay Scallop paired with a slow cooked hens egg and some cucumber relish. This dish looked and tasted amazing and was followed by a trio of crab. You get a little shot glass of crab bisque, some crab parfait and some scrumptious crab meat with Dingle Gin and Cucumber. For the main course we got served a plate of West Kerry lamb. The crisp pork belly stood out for me with the rack of lamb coming a close second. I just had a little space left for my desert which was a garden strawberry and chocolate plate followed by a coffee. It’s a great experience, the staff are lovely the food is great and the wine is excellent.

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Whiskey, Gin and Vodka

At the edge of Dingle Town you will find the Dingle Distillery, which was founded only a few years ago in 2012. They produce Whiskey, Gin and Vodka and they have some of the nicest bottles to sell their produce in. During our Irish tours we visit the distillery and everyone loves the experience. Since this is a proper distillery and it’s not that big you get a proper feel what`s going in, this is also helped by the smell inside. The guides who provide the tours are real characters and are able to make the public smile with typical Irish story telling. The most important thing is that you get to taste their drinks and this sets you well up for a perfect night out in Dingle.

Get your surf on with Overland Ireland Adventure Tours

Get wet

Since this is a peninsula you cannot leave without touching the ocean at least once. You could just take your shoes off at the beach or if you are a little bit more adventurous you could try surfing or kayaking with Fungi the dolphin. Both great ways to experience the ocean or even to get over that hang over if the night before was a little later than expected.

One of the best spots to surf on your small group tour of Ireland is Inch beach. This beach is famous for its mellow waves and easy access. You get to experience the clear waters of the Atlantic and you get lessons from some of the best instructors in Ireland. Once you have your wetsuit on it won’t be long before you catch your first wave, and it’s very likely that you will be hooked to the sport.

If falling into the water is a bit too much you can always go kayaking in Dingle Bay. This half day tour is excellent for people who want to see Dingle from the ocean. It`s also one of the favourite activities for our private tours, especially if with families. The instructor/guides are extremely knowledgeable about the area and will provide you with tons of information about the area and flora and fauna. With a bit of luck, you get to see of Dingles oldest residents, Fungi the dolphin.

The Sleigh Head Drive

This circular route starts and ends in Dingle and is part of the famous Wild Atlantic Way and has many attractions and vistas along the route. In our opinion this is the best and most spectacular driving routes in Ireland, full of coastline, Islands and cliff top roads. This route was also recently filmed by the Top Gear team and parts of the new Star Wars movie were firmed here. The route has more to offer then just the above, there are also amazing early Christian sites, ancient Neolithic paths and ancient pilgrim paths. It`s here that you realize that our Irish tours are the perfect mixture of culture, scenery, activity and fun.

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